Living life. Non-stop.

No room for activities. Can’t wait for bigger shop space soon. #party
Riding moto bikes takes a lot out of the Gilbert, but then again so does walking. πŸ“·: @metalcouture #greatwhitegilbert #lazybois
Rode through about 10 minutes of rain then through beautiful open skies. #throughthebars #pangeaspeed #biltwell #lookmanohands
Photo of the main man @dckareem himself rocking the Rest Easy tee. Thank you to everyone for picking one up, sold out as of yesterday! Keep an eye out for new stuff in the coming weeks πŸ’€ #illfit #resteasy #illustration #design
I put new bars on the evo today. Because chromin. #pangeaspeed #evosportster #choppershit
My buddy @alpalshmal is an awesome photographer and even better dude. Here’s a photo he shot of the beautiful girl and I a few weeks ago. Leslie is obviously blurred to give my very much less attractive face a fighting chance in this photo. πŸ’€ #whatcanyoudo
Few people have already gotten their tees! Great photo by my friend @silvergreyfox rocking it. Feel free to snap photos and tag me and hashtag IllFIT so I can check them out. Hope you all enjoy, I have one or two mediums left and a few smalls for anyone wanting to still grab one, do it quick! πŸ™ˆ #illfit #resteasy #design #illustration